Tactics On Getting The 5-Star Review


Simple Reviews is a simple app, pardon the phrasing. It’s easy to use and gets the job done. The job, being collecting shiny 5-stars on your online pages (woo-hoo!) and getting great reviews to propel your business’ online presence.

Since Simple Reviews has been up and running, it’s had a magnitude of users across different businesses. These users have had great success in getting their customer to leave 5-star reviews across both Facebook and Google.

The app does all the heavy lifting for you. However, it’s still being driven by human hands, which is why we’re asked our top performers for some tips & tips to make sure you are using Simple Reviews for all it has to offer.

Belinda Xerri – Werribee Nissan

How does Belinda feel about Simple Reviews you ask?

“It’s awesome! It’s really easy to use”.

For Belinda,  “I ask for a photo when they are at their happiest moment and ask for a review when it’s fresh in their minds. I ask them, “are you happy with my business style? Then would you mind leaving a review for me?”.

If they don’t leave a review right then and there, Belinda suggests following up with them later with a courtesy call to see how they are going, and a gentle reminder to leave a review. Sometimes she resends the SMS after the call.


Chanaka Wijewardene – Western Highway Honda

For Chanaka, it’s all about getting the review before the customer leaves the dealership:

“While I finish off the paperwork, I get them to do the review”. As he claims, “you’re 100% guaranteed to get the review while they’re in the dealership, well 99% anyway. If they leave the dealership, they won’t leave a review”.

“It’s easy enough to get a 5-star review when you’ve done the right thing by your customer”.

Simple, really.

If you need to speak to a human about your Simple Reviews account and you need further advice, please contact your representative Michael
on 0403 319 624

Happy Reviewing!