The Power Of Reviews


Walking in Monday morning to a bright shiny 5-star review always feels damn good. But those little burning balls of light could mean more to your business than you know.

The world we live in is increasingly evolving online. It’s more common than not that these days someone will Google a restaurant and sift through their reviews before making a booking or heading out the door. In fact, it’s so common that a recent survey found that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.

Yep, a whooping 90%.

Plus, it found that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And seeing as the most effective marketing tool is word of mouth, online reviews are increasingly becoming a very close second.

So you can bet your bottom dollar that if there’s two Thai eateries on the same street, than the one filling up with customers is the one with better online reviews.

And with 86% of people hesitating to purchase from a business that has negative online reviews, if those two Thai places aren’t around four or more stars, their customers just might end up getting Indian that night.

Even if a customer does walk through your door, their more likely to spend 31% more on a business they’ve seen with excellent reviews. Plus, with 72% of customers saying that positive reviews make them trust a local business more, those walking through your door might even try your unfamiliar-sounding speciality dish (which is so good they’ll definitely leave a 5-star review and end up being a repeat customer, right?).

So, no matter how much time and energy a business puts into their online presence, the power is well and truly out of their hands and into their customers. Especially with the growing vast range of review platforms and apps, such as Google Reviews, Facebook, The Local, and Yelp.

Also, the more positive reviews a business or service has, the higher it will appear through Google searches – yep, reviews even have power over the mighty SEO.

Customer reviews are usually there to highlight the good, the bad, and very rarely the in between. So it’s crucial your happy customers are the ones typing away online.

And how do you get those happy customers to leave reviews online?

Well, it’s simple.

Simple Reviews, in fact.