Why It Matters That Your Online Reviews Are Genuine


Online reviews have an immense amount of power over your business. They can make or break it. Build it up or tear it down. If you’re wondering just how influential they can be, you can read, ‘The Power of Reviews’, here.

Now, if you’re thinking great, I’ll just get my friends and family to whack some 5-stars to my business’ Facebook and/or Google page, you might want to hold the phone and read on first.

As it turns out, it’s a lot more complicated than just making sure you have an excellent online review rating. The reviews need to be genuine, that is, written by real customers who’ve had an experience with your business – and even better if it comes with a photo to prove it too!

Customers are becoming more watchful of fake reviews written by a company or business to boost their rating quickly. If there are a magnitude of 5-star reviews with no comment that are all left at the same time – red flag. If a review is crammed with marketing jargon – red flag. If there are numerous reviews all with the same wording – red flag.

Consumers are looking to online reviews for an honest look into a business. Some even trust reviews as much as they would their friends. As they are giving their personal investment and belief, they are going to sift through and listen to the ones that appear to be written by real people, about real experiences.

Reviews that provide specific information, praise or wording are a lot more believable, which in turn makes them a lot more likely to be trusted by consumers. And when a consumer trusts a business, there are much more likely to be walking through your doors!

So how do you get your customers to leave reviews? It’s simple, find out here.

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